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Kate and William revelers, images of their youth resurface

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People and royalty

Yes, they knew the bamboche. A video montage that has gone viral goes back in time to the crazy student parties of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Based on an article Paris Match France by Maud Garmy

The “Crack Baby”. Champagne, vodka, passion fruit. At the time when she went out to Boujis, a popular club for the “rich and famous” in the South Kensington district, Kate Middleton had a weakness for this cocktail.

Her boyfriend Prince William preferred the “Treasure Chest” at the Mahiki club: brandy, peach liqueur and champagne served in a wooden tiki cup. The heir was also known to down the shots of sambuca between two pints of beer at the pub. In short, before being married and parents of three children, in their twenties the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were young, students, and rather party people.

As we will not see them again

For the past few days, a video montage of the most memorable photos attesting to these nocturnal trips has been a hit on TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 5 million times. Disheveled, red-cheeked, vaguely tipsy or even downright drunk, we rediscover the princely couple as we will never see them again.

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In the 2000s, William, still hairy, waltzed his beauty on the dance floor. Kate dared short and sexy outfits, or even disco. The lovers, smiling but no longer very fresh, shared a taxi to return – and the future duchess immortalized a paparazzi with her mobile phone on the way…

We tend to forget it, but before fully entering royal life, these two youngsters – who met on the benches of the University in Scotland – had the chance to enjoy a few years of lightness together.

“I thought they never had fun!”

For the youngest users of the social network, these archives resurrected from the past are a discovery. The older ones, who have known them in the tabloids, inevitably take a little bit of old when they realize that the couple has been dating for 20 years now. In April, the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis celebrated their eleven years of marriage.

In the comments posted under this video, we read “It’s nice to see them happy and relaxed”, “I thought they had never had fun!”. But also “so she always had beautiful hair!”, “how can she be so photogenic? These are the worst circumstances for photos, and she still looks like a goddess.”. Or even a “couples who party together stay together”. That’s all we want for them. And precisely, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to celebrate their 40th birthday together this summer. Champagne! In moderation, of course…