You are currently viewing Jurassic World: this LGBT scene shocked spectators, the production reacts

Jurassic World: this LGBT scene shocked spectators, the production reacts

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A scene from the license Jurassic World controversial because of its LGBT content. Deemed inappropriate for young audiences, the sequence revives the debate.

The license criticized

Released on June 8 at the cinema, Jurassic World : The World After was a hit at the global box office. This in part because it closes the trilogy”World” started with Jurassic World in 2015, and that it brings together the gratin of the license, namely the three characters of the first opus directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993 (Sam Neil, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern).

However, it is not free from criticism, on the contrary. Let us cite excessive references, a sometimes dubious staging and a convoluted scenario.

A kiss exchanged, the controversy swells

Today is the animated series Jurassic Wolrd: The Cretaceous Camp aired on Netflix which suffered the ire of the public. It takes place before, during and after the first Jurassic World, during the escape from the Indominus rex, and follows a group of teenagers trying to survive while trying out one of the park’s attractions. But also the months following these events.

As the series is currently coming to an end with a fifth and final season, a sequence from episode 9 has just created controversy. Indeed, Yaz and Sammy, two heroines of animated series exchange a kiss, and talk about their respective feelings.

A sequence that does not pass with some fans who expressed their dissatisfaction on the networks. According to them, this type of content advocating gender diversity is not suitable for young audiences.

“Diversity and inclusion makes us all stronger”

Scott Kreame, the producer of the series, has obliged to explain himself by defending his program during an interview for Comic Book Resources.

Diversity and inclusion makes us all stronger. It improves stories and makes people better. For us, being part of this change is important. I’m glad we told the story the way we wanted to tell it… We worked with an advisor from GLAAD. We wanted to tell something authentic.”

“Animation for all ages has always been about the difficulty of being a child. If a young viewer can engage with our story and identify with these characters, regardless of race, gender, religion or their sexual orientation, that’s what we want.”

Buzz Lightyear, Onward…

This is not the first time that an animated program for all audiences has included homosexual relations, and generated controversy. Lately the movie Buzz Lightning has been boycotted in no less than 14 countries in the Middle East or Asia. The cause ? An exchange of kisses between two women.

The film Ahead from Pixar studios also caused controversy in 2020, whena female police officer discussed her sexuality : “ It’s not easy being a young parent. My girlfriend’s daughter is making me pull my hair out. “. This had led Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Qatar to ban the film.

Last March, an open letter from employees of the famous animation studio implicated its owner, Disney, to censor any gay or lesbian allusions in their films. Still, the presence of homosexual characters is steadily increasing since 2017 in cartoons affiliated with the big-eared studio. The debate between progressives and conservatives is always heated.