You are currently viewing Julie and her companion were far from suspecting the ordeal that awaited them by signing this estimate of 26,000 euros: “We are helpless”

Julie and her companion were far from suspecting the ordeal that awaited them by signing this estimate of 26,000 euros: “We are helpless”

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Julie Schellaert and her companion recently became the happy owners of a house in the commune of Rumbempré, France. A new home that needed a facelift. The couple therefore redid everything, including the openings. Unfortunately for them, an unforeseen situation arose.

As the Courrier Picard tells, Julie and her companion lost 10,000 euros for their windows. The fault with a bankruptcy of the company in which they had however confidence. At the beginning of the year, on January 31 precisely, the couple signed with Tecniplast, dealer for the Art et Fenêtres brand in Amiens. “We signed an estimate of 26,000 euros and paid a deposit of 10,000 euros (i.e. approximately 40% of the sum). We signed right away, because the salesman advised us to be able to lock in the price in this period when all the raw materials are increasing. »

For Julie and her companion, the work for the openings is not yet on the agenda at this time. So they decide to wait until September. Meanwhile, during the summer, “installers from the company came to my mother-in-law’s house and alerted us to the fact that the company was not doing well. They advised me to go claim my deposit, but honestly I thought they were embittered and didn’t take them seriously.”

Two weeks ago, new echoes came to the ears of the couple. “We sent an email to our sales representative, because we needed to know the size of the thresholds of the bay windows, in order to be able to pour the slab. It was Monday, August 29. He called us back on Tuesday and told us that the company had been in receivership since July 22. According to him, there was no longer any access to the accounts. »

An agent was therefore appointed and Julie Schellaert contacted him to find out what was going on and if they were going to be able to recover their deposit. “The agent told me that I had to send a contract cancellation request with a whole file to fill out, telling me that we would probably never get our deposit back, since the company would have no more money. . »

“We are powerless in the face of this situation. we can’t move forward with our work, we can’t pour the slab, we can’t do the roofing which might blow away, since the house is open to all the winds. We are hosted free of charge by my in-laws. »

Not the only ones

After a call on Facebook, Julie learned that other people were in the same situation. Contacted by telephone, Maître Decramer, lawyer for the company, specified: “the client must contact the agent. The receivership is a period when things are suspended. The agent and the managers look at how the company could start up again. She needs to make herself known. The company’s business continues, this does not mean that it will not be satisfied. I can tell you that the financial situation is due to the manager’s health problems and difficulties with suppliers”.

In the meantime, the young couple find themselves “without a window, without a door and without money, because we had taken these 10,000 euros from our savings. We will have to borrow money from our family. We either want our money or our windows. And we wish to be able to discuss with Art and windows. The young couple has also started to make new quotes.

The Amiens commercial court should decide on the future of the Tecniplast company on September 23