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Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial: the actor is also appealing the verdict

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The showdown between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is far from over. After the actor’s victory in the lawsuit between them, they both announced that they would appeal the verdict. As a reminder, the actress was ordered to pay the sum of 15 million dollars for damages following the defamatory comments she had made.

The trial, which was broadcast live last May, was an opportunity to find out a little more about the couple’s marriage. The various testimonies had painted a rather gloomy portrait of the actress. As soon as the trial ended, Amber Heard declared that she would appeal the judgment, ruling that the jurors had been influenced by the actor’s celebrity and social networks.

To everyone’s surprise, Johnny Depp decided to imitate his ex-wife. His lawyers appealed the verdict to the court in Virginia, United States. The actor, if he wins the appeal, may not have to pay the $ 2 million he owes Amber Heard, also following defamatory comments he allegedly made. ” If Ms. Heard is determined to take this trial further by appealing the verdict, Mr. Depp is also filing an appeal request to have all full reports and disputes reviewed by the Court of Appeals, explained Johnny Depp’s lawyers to the Law & Crime Network.