Joe Biden pulls out heavy artillery to dismantle Google

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The US Department of Justice has decided to go on the attack to put an end to the giant’s dominant position in the advertising market. A historic action with potentially colossal consequences, both for Google and for the advertising market.

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Head of the Multimedia department

Reading time: 4 mins

Iimagine, tomorrow, that the Belgian government requires that Solvay separates from its activity of synthesis of soda ash. Or that France requires Renault to sell its car manufacturing business. This is precisely the scope of the action that the American Department of Justice has just launched with regard to a standard-bearer of the economy across the Atlantic: Google (Alphabet). In the line of sight: the presupposed ultra-dominant position of the giant on the advertising market. The impact of this legal action, the outcome of which should not be forthcoming for several years, could be colossal: neither more nor less the dismantling of Google, forced, if necessary, to sell its advertising space management platform in line (Google Ad Manager). However, 80% of the multinational’s income comes from advertising.

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