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Jodoigne: Nele Paxinou bowed out

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“The whole troupe mourns the companion of road, life and always who has allowed so many artists to take flight and so many spectators to attend our performances.”

The press release specifies that the terms of his funeral will be communicated later. And that a tribute will be paid to him in the coming weeks by the troupe. “Nele was a bright woman, full of joy and projects. We are sad and speechless, but like the one who accompanied us for more than forty years, we want to believe in life!”, adds Gaspar Leclere.

On social networks, the info is doing the rounds in the middle of the theater. The departure of Nele Paxinou leaves room for many testimonies of affection and recognition from those who had the chance to meet her.

Among them, the actor and director Frédéric Dussenne, who started with her: “(…) Thank you for having followed and encouraged my work. Thank you for coming to see L’Annonce one evening and for having said afterwards: “Leave! Do what you have to do!” I saw you one last time when you premiered The Breathing Bearer, which had obviously delighted you. Your sublime and unforgettable smile was there to testify to it… Succession is assured for two generations. (Editor’s note, David Taillebuis, Nele’s son, is also in the business) You are so beautiful forever. I love you. Like my wandering friends that I kiss.”

In the Brabant political world, the emotion is also great. Tanguy Stuckens, passionate about culture and president of the provincial college, testifies to this with friendship:

“Nele is a reference, a base, a landmark for all those who have come across his talent, his energy, his humor and his values. I have had the chance over the years to live some incredible experiences with Nele and to weave with her a relationship of trust and friendship. I appreciate the chance and am so grateful to her for everything she has passed on to Walloon Brabant.”

If you want to pay tribute to him or send your condolences, an ephemeral email address awaits your messages: [email protected]

The editorial staff of L’Avenir Brabant wallon presents its condolences to the two families of Nele, that of blood and that of the Baladins.