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Joachim and Marie of Denmark victims of a defamation campaign

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While the Danish royal family is going through a crisis linked to the withdrawal of the princely titles of four of Queen Margrethe II’s grandchildren, Prince Joachim and his wife, Princess Marie, are seeing old rumors being exhumed by the Spanish press.

They wanted to move on and no longer talk about the tensions that undermine their family. The calm was only short-lived. After having expressed their incomprehension in the face of Queen Margrethe II’s decision to withdraw the princely titles of their children on January 1, 2023, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark are now, despite themselves, the target of backbiting. before by a Spanish site. In an article published on October 4, 2022 and entitled “Mary versus Marie: the origin of the bad relationship between the princesses of Denmark”, Vanitatis returns to the complicated relationship between the daughters-in-law of Margrethe II with, for alleged proof, the dubious cover of a Swedish tabloid dated 2008.

Who benefits from these unfounded rumors?

In its paper, the Spanish site is particularly virulent with regard to the youngest son of Queen Margrethe II. His divorce from Alexandra Manley in 2005 is said to have “sent the prince into a downward spiral accompanied, according to the country’s media, by alcohol and regular visits to private clubs in Copenhagen”. These remarks had already been made in 2019 on the occasion of the fifty years of Prince Joachim of Denmark. In this article, however, there is no link to verify whether these accusations against Joachim of Denmark are true. These apparently unfounded facts lead one to wonder about the motivations for exhuming them.

The smear campaign targeting the prince and his wife goes even further. For Vanitatis, which quotes “Danish media”, the brother of Crown Prince Frederik has long been “in love” with his sister-in-law Mary. The Spanish site evokes “a crisis in the palace” which occurred two months after the remarriage of the prince with Marie in 2008. It is based on the cover of the Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning title at the time “Joachim tafsar på Mary!” – literally “Joachim fiddles with Mary!”. Vanitatis indicates that this shot shows “Joachim and his sister-in-law Mary apparently about to kiss, during the gala evening of the regiment of the royal guard.” Seeing these rumors suddenly resurface is a real blow for the couple who yearn for serenity in this difficult time.

Warm embrace between Crown Princess Mary and Prince Joachim in Copenhagen in October 2015. A few years earlier, a similar shot had caused a lot of ink to flow. © Dana Press / KCS PRESS

In 2019, Vanitatis explained that after this event, “speculation” about Prince Joachim’s supposed feelings for Crown Princess Mary was rife, “a rumor” that had existed since his arrival in the kingdom a few years earlier. “A theory that many believe would explain the fact that his current wife is a clone of the future queen. The coincidences are so numerous, apart from the name and the physical similarities, that they celebrate their birthdays a day apart” , wrote the Spanish site at the time.

The relationship between Princesses Marie and Mary

The claims of Vanitatis are quickly taken over by the DailyMail who wonders about the real reason for the conflict within the royal family of Denmark. The British daily reveals to have “contacted the Danish royal house to react” to the words of its Spanish colleagues. In vain. In January 2021, the Daily Mail Australia had also looked into the origins of the bad relations between the two Danish princesses. “Tensions are said to be growing between Australian-born Princess Mary and her sister-in-law, Princess Mary, in a simmering feud that threatens to tear the Danish royal family apart. The relationship between Mary – who married the Prince Frederik of Denmark in 2004 – and his sister-in-law has reportedly deteriorated rapidly over the past few months,” it read.

Benedikte, Marie, Joachim and Mary of Denmark at Tivoli in Copenhagen on May 21, 2022.
According to some rumors, Prince Joachim of Denmark, here surrounded by his aunt Benedikte and his wife Marie, was in love with his sister-in-law Mary (right). © Ritzau Scanpix/ABACA

“The icy attitude of one towards the other would have started when Marie, born in France and wife of Prince Joachim, the younger brother of Frederik, complained of having to move his family permanently to Paris”, continued the newspaper. Australian. Princess Marie of Denmark had indeed implied in an interview with BT that the installation of his family in France was a kind of “forced exile”. the Daily Mail Australia also evoked the concomitance of certain official commitments of the two young women as well as the similarity of their outfits worn on these occasions to justify the strengthening of tensions between the princesses.

For the time being, neither Joachim and Marie of Denmark nor the Amalienborg Palace have expressed themselves on this runaway media machine nor on these rumors which aim to taint the Danish monarchy.