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Jeremstar placed on life support in Bali

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The Youtuber jeremstar explained on Snapchat to have spent the last hours on life support. On vacation at bali, he suffered a violent anxiety attack during an outing. In the middle of the sea for a diving session during which he was to see manta rays, the 35-year-old videographer felt bad. He was immediately hospitalized and placed on life support.

I did not feel this dive “, he explains on the social network. ” Because here they tell you that there are no sharks, but in fact there are. There are bull sharks in particular that attack. I was very, very afraid of that. »

Jeremstar’s anxiety attack occurred at the start of the descent into the sea. Feeling the panic rising, he would have quickly returned to the boat. After a second try, things got worse.

After 5 minutes, the same, I panicked. I couldn’t breathe anymore, a crisis like that, it’s as if we were crushing our lungs and our heart, we see ourselves dying “, specified the Youtuber. He was able to leave the hospital several hours later.