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Jean Teulé died “in the arms” of his wife: new revelations about the last hours of the novelist

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In the columns of the latest issue of Paris Match, relatives of Miou-Miou and Jean Teulé made new revelations about the circumstances of the novelist’s death, which occurred 10 days ago. We read there that the actress is “totally upset” since she lost her half.

On October 18, the world learned of the death of Jean Teulé, a famous French novelist and comic book author, aged only 69. Three days before this brutal announcement, that is to say on Saturday evening, Jean Teulé, who shared the life of the actress Miou-Miou had gone with the latter to a restaurant in the French capital where the couple had their habits.

The next day, he had gone to the emergency room thinking of food poisoning after eating meatballs. Although sent home by the medical profession, he still did not feel better…

On the night of the 17th to the 18th, the drama occurs and Jean Teulé dies following a cardiac arrest, whose potential link with his intoxication remains to be determined. In its latest issue, the magazine Paris Matchwhich brings new details concerning this brutal disappearance, specifies that Jean Teulé is dead “in the arms of Miou-Miou”. In shock, his companion Sylvette Herry, her real name, barely had time to notify the emergency services. These came too late.

A death which is obviously a tragedy for Miou-Miou who shared the life of Jean Teulé since 1998. It is the whole world of the actress who collapsed. This is what his relatives note, who confided in the columns of Paris Match:She is totally upset. Angèle and Jeanne support her in this ordeal that affects us all“, reveals a relative of the actress. Her two daughters take turns at her bedside to ensure that she lacks nothing since the terrible disappearance of her companion.

The situation is all the more difficult for the actress to live with, as the man of her life will not be able to immediately reach his final home. An investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of his death, it will therefore be necessary to wait for this to be completed before the novelist can finally find eternal rest…