Jean-Pierre Hansen: “Europe looks at electricity as it looks at a tube of toothpaste”

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The former boss of Electrabel strongly criticizes twenty years of “neoliberal doxa at all to the market”, carried by the European Commission. He pleads for a reform of the gas and electricity markets. And imagined two crisis solutions that Belgium could, alone, dare in the short term.

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Head of Investigations

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SMedia appearances are rare. But in the current context, the former boss of Engie (we said Electrabel, at the time) can hardly escape arrest. As recently as Thursday, he was dining with guests who bombarded him with questions. “I told them that I couldn’t answer, because I had given exclusivity to the Evening
“, jokes Jean-Pierre Hansen, barely arrived at the editorial office. We asked him to give his opinion on this energy crisis which is hitting Europe hard.

The former CEO, now a director at Nethys, arrives at the editorial staff of Evening a folder in hand, a few calculations scribbled on sheets still bearing the image of GDF Suez. “I have prepared a little story,” begins the interviewee. “What surprises me with this crisis is that it surprises. All the ingredients were there for it to give what it gives.

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