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Jean-Jacques Goldman surprised after his son wants to participate in Star Academy!

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That’s it ! It’s official ! After 14 years of absencethe legendary Star Academy is back with Michael Goldman on TF1 for a tenth season! After years of absence from the antennathe tele-cult of talents will present very soon new candidates.

Among them will be the artist who will succeed Jenifer, Nolwenn LeroyÉlodie Frégé or Grégory Lemarchal…

The countdown has begun ! See you live in prime time on Saturday October 15 on TF1.

In effect, the first channel announced it on Tuesday, September 27. At the controls of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, Michael Goldman producerwhich is none other than the son of the famous Jean-Jacques Goldman. And what does this discreet father think of his son’s new job?

The son of Jean-Jacques Goldman at the controls

It’s done ! TF1 has finally announced the official return of Star Academy next October 15. It will be on the air from 9:10 p.m. and every day at 5:30 p.m.. At the same time, TF1 announced Michael Goldman’s involvement (43), the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, as director of the Star Academy.

John Jacques

As the host of the iconic show, viewers will find the inevitable Nikos Aliagas. It’s funny to me, writes the famous presenter on Instagram.

He was already on stage, microphone in hand, when the show launched 21 years ago. However, according to Le Parisien, it could be thathe is in the company of a co-hostwhose name is still a mystery.

The show will of course take place at Dammarie-les-Lys castle and will welcome 13 young amateur singers.

Alongside the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, we will find 5 teachers (dance, sport, singing, theater and scenic expression). Furthermore, 2 coaches will train the academicians during the 2 months of competition.

The winner will receive 100,000 euros and signing a contract for an album with the record company Sony Music Entertainment UK.

To be completely honest, I hesitated for a moment to be part of this adventure and I said yes when I attended the casting because the children made me fall in love with themconfided the new director of the star Academy at the Parisian on Tuesday September 27.

You see pass 200 young peopleyou want to take them all in your arms, to help them. It lasted four days. But I love it so much I could have done it for two months straight. adds the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

He congratulated me

The producer continues : Since I was a child, I like the idea of ​​discovering artists. I’ve never been terribly interested in working on an artist’s third album which is already successful, but the fact of discovering a diamond, of guiding it or of help him realize his potential has always excited me.

Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman is well aware that his slightest actions and gestures will be scrutinized due to his status as son of. But the producer claims thathe will keep his word.

With students and teacherswe will all be in the same boat, we will all benefit from the success of this show. So that the premiums are at the top, that performance is good.

It is our responsibility. I will have an office in the castle… Maybe I will bring a driver so I can sleep there if I’m exhausted, said the new manager laughing.

Obviously, the choice of new boss of Star Academy did not surprise his famous and so discreet father. What did Jean-Jacques Goldman think of it? He congratulated me when he knew that I was going to do the show.


I don’t know if he has TV, but the Star Ac is one of the only programs where he did a bit of promotion, so he remembered it well, Michael Goldman told Le Parisien.