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Jean-Claude Van Damme: His daughter Bianca, a real hottie, is a star on OnlyFans

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Jean-Claude Van Damme celebrates his 62nd birthday this Tuesday, October 18. The mythical actor whose career is no longer presented has a more discreet private life than his cult characters. And in real life, the Belgian is the father of three children, Bianca Bree, Kristopher Van Varenberg and Nicholas Van Varenberg. The opportunity to present his only daughter, 32 years old, real hottie who earns money from his body. Bianca is the fruit of love between Hollywood star JCVD ​​and ex-bodybuilder Gladys Portugues. And it’s thanks to her body, that she earns money.

Indeed, Bianca Bree, who evolves on Instagram under the name of iambbgun, is also registered on onlyfans. It offers content there, which you have access to for a subscription at €10.99 per month. It must be said that it displays a plastic dream. On Instagram, she publishes photos of her at the beach or even playing sports, and putting on masks for a moment of relaxation. On the social network, she has nearly 185k subscribers when she gathers more than 10k likes on onlyfans.

The big gap and cinema as a legacy

To see her profile, Bianca is sporty, lovely and also badass than his famous dad. And sport is an integral part of his life. She wants to make it a message for the younger generations. As JCVD’s daughter had indeed notified to the New York Post, she wants “show little boys and girls that you can be both sporty and feminine“.”That you can cross your legs at a dinner party but also tear everything up, so feminine”, she added. When she was younger, she was a fan of ice skating and classical dancing. And if she did not immediately love martial arts, of which Jean-Claude Van Damme is nevertheless fond, this passion finally managed to sting her later. The young woman also masters the art of the splits. She is not the daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme who wants to. She is also an actress and gave the reply to her father especially in alien uprising, Six Bullets, Welcome to the Jungleor in Assassination Games.