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‘It’s the most humbling moment of my life’: Margot Robbie looks back on Barbie set

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If Barbie has often represented a dream in the imagination of children, it seems that the actress who interprets this role in the cinema was quickly disillusioned. Recently invited on the set of Jimmy Fallon, Margot Robbie, returned to the photos of the shooting of Barbie in Venice Beach (Los Angeles) that leaked on the Internet.

If the pictures had created the excitement on the web. The actors themselves (yet all smiles) were far from enjoying the moment. “I can’t tell you how mortified we were. We seemed to be laughing, having fun, but in reality, we were slowly dying inside. I said to myself: this is the most humiliating moment of my entire life., explained Margot Robbie. On the pictures, Margot is alongside actor Ryan Gosling who lends his features to the cult Ken. Both are in neon pink aerobics outfits.

For the presenter of the talk show then asked the actress if she expected these photos to make the buzz on social networks. A question that Robbie answered very confidently: “Nope ! I mean, I knew we had locations to shoot in LA. I know that once you do exteriors, you’ll get the attention of the paparazzi. I figured there would probably be a small crowd of people who would notice us because you know, neon. We stand out a bit in these outfits! So I knew there would be some attention and some photos would probably get out there, but not like this! It was madness. It was hundreds of people watching the filming.”, she finished. Destabilizing.