You are currently viewing “It’s still crazy!”: Afida Turner in great shape sings on a TV set (video)

“It’s still crazy!”: Afida Turner in great shape sings on a TV set (video)

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©Youtube screenshot @Afida Turner Online

Afida Turner is not afraid of anything and she is above all not shy. If her character is more often mocked than admired, it must be said that she does not lack imagination. Invited last weekend on the set of Jordan de Luxe, on C8, Afida Turner comes to present her new single, a cover in French and English, of the legendary song Stephenwith slightly sexy lyrics.

Jordan de Luxe obviously asks her to interpret the piece on the set, but Afida Turner does not think “not ready”. “Wait, I don’t even have a dancer, honey”she replies… Before giving in after a few seconds: “So early? Ok, I’ll do it!” (“OK I will do it”).

It was then that Afida Turner appeared alone on the set, dressed in a leatherette bodysuit and thigh-high boots, striking seductive poses, under the captivated gaze of the host.

Shamelessly, Afida Turner posted the footage to her Instagram account, calling it herself a “enchanted awakening”. Second degree or not, Internet users reacted massively: It’s still crazy!”, “Queen!”, “With her at least we don’t get bored”, “electrifying”… What is certain, the scene did not go unnoticed!