You are currently viewing “It’s less pleasant, but it’s for a good cause”: this is what will change at Colruyt

“It’s less pleasant, but it’s for a good cause”: this is what will change at Colruyt

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VSolruyt will again (temporarily) hang plastic shutters at the entrance and exit of the fresh section of its stores. The supermarket chain thus intends to save 2.3 million euros on its energy bill on an annual basis, according to its own calculations.

This kind of plastic curtain has gradually given way to an air curtain since 2013, as stores were renovated and built, customers not liking them. Plastic shutters will, however, make their temporary return to all 249 stores. They have already been (re)hung in 60 of them, the others will follow. “It’s less pleasant, but it’s for a good cause”, explains Hanne Poppe, spokesperson for Colruyt. The brand ensures that a procedure has been developed to disinfect the shutters if necessary.

The chain had not got rid of all these shutters in order to be able to reuse them from time to time, for example in the event of a heat wave. Comeos, the federation of large retailers, has already agreed several energy measures with its members. These include turning off bright advertisements and window lighting and keeping store doors closed. The temperature there will be limited to 19 degrees, is it also planned.

In Germany, the discounter Aldi Nord has decided to reduce the opening time of its stores in order to save energy. This is not relevant in Belgium, said an Aldi spokesperson.