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“It’s complicated to live up to what we have been”: suffering, Serge Lama makes a big decision

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Serge Lama has just announced, this Friday, September 16, its withdrawal from the music industry. ” There’s a time when things stop “said the interpreter of” I am sick “, on the airwaves of RTL. ” You have to know that we get older, that my body makes me suffer a lot, that I have a lot of problems inherent to the passage of time and that therefore there is a moment you have to know how to stop rather than being stopped . So I decided it was over. “Love”, which will be released on October 7, will therefore be his last album.

A decision that, however, was not easy to make. ” There is something that hurts, but at the same time, it is the respect of the public. I was lucky enough to be able to sing this album already, at almost 80 years old since I was still a man of voice, so it’s complicated to live up to what we have been “, he added. ” So now I think it’s good that this is the last round. It’s over now, I think I won’t think about it anymore because it’s done. He would now like to enjoy his family a little.

At Le Parisien, Serge Lama already confirmed that there would be no tour for his latest album. ” It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m scared. During the last one, I broke my face several times. You should have seen Luana faint behind me. I’m not saying that I won’t have a farewell party at the Olympia, but touring is no longer within my abilities. I’m too fragile: my left leg is getting worse and worse, and the right has carried my body since the accident fifty-six years ago… It would be one fight too many. »

As a reminder: the singer was the victim of a serious road accident which cost the life of his fiancée at the time, the musician Liliane Benelli, on August 12, 1965. Since then, he has suffered from the consequences of this accident.