You are currently viewing “It’s a sad day”: Ellen DeGeneres reacts to the death of her former partner, Anne Heche

“It’s a sad day”: Ellen DeGeneres reacts to the death of her former partner, Anne Heche

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This Friday, August 12, American actress Anne Heche was declared dead at the age of 53. She had been in a coma in hospital since a serious brain injury caused by a violent car collision on August 5.

On social networks, the tributes are raining. One in particular was especially noticed, that of his former companion Ellen DeGeneres. She announced via her Twitter and Instagram accounts that her thoughts were with the one who shared her life for just over 3 years. “It’s a sad day. I wish his children, family and friends all my love.

Ellen, known for her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and comedian Anne Heche caused a media sensation in the late 1990s when it was revealed that they were a couple. If their romance began in 1997, the two young women separated in 2000. A year later, Anne Heche married cameraman Coleman Laffoon, with whom she had a son. But their happiness was only short-lived, because in 2007 the actress filed for divorce. She then married until 2018 with Canadian actor James Tupper, with whom she also welcomed a son.

A few days before the announcement of the death of Anne Heche, the american presenter Ellen DeGeneres had already expressed the face of the news of his accident. When a photographer asked her if she had heard from Anne, Ellen replied: “We are no longer in contact, so I cannot say.” Insisting, the cameraman then told him: “It was a very dangerous accident, eh? To which Ellen responded briefly with, “It certainly was.