You are currently viewing “It traumatized him”: Amélie Schildt recounts this dark day which shocked Johnny Hallyday at the Schaerbeek cemetery

“It traumatized him”: Amélie Schildt recounts this dark day which shocked Johnny Hallyday at the Schaerbeek cemetery

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Amelie Schildt was the guest of RTL INFO with You this Wednesday. The RTL Info journalist unveils her book on Johnny Hallyday. In “Johnny, Belgium in the blood”, the author returns to the links of the star with Belgium.

For Amelie Schildtthe French tend to forget that the rocker was half goodage. Johnny Hallyday, real name Jean-Philippe Smetwas brought up by Hélène, his paternal aunt, who was Belgian.He is a very central figure in the whole construction of Johnny“, she explains.Helen was the sister of Léon, Johnny’s father who abandoned him“.

She specifies that Johnny’s aunt was 20 years older than Léon so she had a whole life built up, especially in Brussels.Same if she raised Johnny in Paris and on the roads in Europe, she had this Belgianness with her, this Belgian culture. At home, we said septante and ninety“. It was also Hélène who raised Léon, because he had lost his father.

The artist of the family was Hélène. She was a silent film actress.She opened the door to a very broad artistic training for Johnny Hallyday. He did ballet when he was young. Without her, he might not have turned to singing.

Johnny Hallyday was sincere about his love for Belgium, adds the author. The one who interviewed the star remembers that he was in a good mood when he knew that there were Belgian journalists who were going to interview him.

He was already relaxed and he could talk about Belgium. He talked about everything he loved. It may seem cliché, but starting with the fries he brought back in cargo when he came to Brussels. He always said, I must have that in my blood, because I eat my fries with mayonnaise.

A defining moment

In 2011, Amelie Schildt had interviewed the singer for the first time. An interview that took place at the Eiffel Tower. HAS the question what do you think of when you are told the word “Belgium”, l‘artist replied, almost with tears in his eyes:To my father who is buried in Brussels“.

This funeral marked the star who had insisted on taking charge of his father’s funeral.It was important to him despite the heartbreak and the fact that his father never did anything for him. When Johnny arrived at the Schaerbeek cemetery, he saw that the cemetery was empty and there was no one there but him and Adeline Blondieauhis wife at the time, to bury his father. And it traumatized him“.

Amelie Schildt specifies having spoken about this moment with Adeline Blondieau. The ex-wife of rocker explained to him that all night after the funeral, Johnny was very badly. Marked, the artist himself evoked this episode years later.

However, the author confides that there was a misunderstanding on the day of Léon’s funeral. Friends of Johnny Hallyday’s father were present, but they were kept away by the artist’s entourage, “to preserve it“.

It’s terrible, because they wanted to protect him, but that’s perhaps what marked him the most.