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Is the safety of Ryanair travelers at risk? “You can be scared”

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Ryanair pilots in Brussels and Charleroi will cross the border to demonstrate with their French colleagues this weekend. They are still waiting for a salary increase from the Irish airline. The debate also took place on the benches of the Walloon Parliament.

Is the safety of Ryanair travelers in Belgium at risk? For the leader of the Labor Party of Belgium (PTB), Germain Mugemangango, the answer is yes: “I read, not long ago, the interview with Mr. Dolimont (Editor’s note. the Walloon Minister of Airports). who said: ‘I hope, in any case, that the strike will not affect the people who will have to go on vacation’.

Germain Mugemangango (PTB) in the Walloon Parliament © PhotoNews

I would like to tell Mr Dolimont that he would do better to talk from time to time with Ryanair pilots or with Ryanair staff members to understand that there is a close link between the well-being of staff and aircraft safety. While Ryanair until now paid attention to this safety element, the pilots said: ‘Now we are in a situation where even sometimes safety is jeopardized’. So you can be afraid, indeed, unless you take other companies, of course”.

European security

However, the internal air transport market in Europe is governed by strict rules proposed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The European Commission, EASA and the competent national authorities are responsible for monitoring the application of these measures. And the statistics of the number of plane accidents in Europe plead in their favour.

Since its founding in 1984, Ryanair has never suffered the slightest fatal accident, even though two of its planes were involved in an accident considered serious by the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Aviation Safety civil (BEA).

“In any case, this is a serious question. In this sense, it is absolutely necessary to support Ryanair staff, otherwise the people who are going to travel will not be safe,” said the Carolo parliamentarian.

Walloon responsibility

And he goes even further: “The Walloon Region is responsible for what happens with Ryanair staff. We sometimes have the impression when we hear Minister Dolimont that it is not really his business. It’s not his jurisdiction. That’s another skill. I would like to say that if Ryanair is present at Charleroi airport and currently holds 70 percent of flights, it is thanks or because of the Walloon Region. It was the Walloon Region that actually invited Ryanair to Charleroi airport. It is the Walloon Region which gave subsidies and which continues to do so, in particular with taxes which are much lower for Ryanair”.

This is why he tabled a reasoned motion before the Walloon Parliament: “We are not talking about small problems. We are talking about working conditions that have led Ryanair staff to bring dozens of complaints to justice precisely to work decently. The observation is that these complaints to the courts do not currently give rise to a change in the situation at Ryanair.


Workers have been complaining for years and nothing has changed

Germain Mugemangango, leader of the PTB in the Walloon Parliament

The motion asks for only one thing: it asks that Mr. Dolimont take the necessary steps to address the Federal government so that these complaints change things, because the workers have been filing complaints for years without nothing will change, and that he actually assumes his responsibilities in this matter to protect Ryanair staff. I repeat: protecting Ryanair staff is also protecting passenger safety”.

The reasoned motion or motion of recommendation aims to challenge the government or a minister.

Government response

In response, the representative of the majority, Christine Mauel (MR) specifies that the grumbling of workers in the aeronautical sector is not solely due to Ryanair: “Many companies are also experiencing social movements, which acts of low cost companies like Vueling or Volotea, and even traditional companies like Brussels Airlines, Air France, and more recently still British Airlines”.

And she defends her minister who belongs to the same party as her: “It is true that the situation of the pilots and the staff of Ryanair does not allow us to be insensitive. However, it is not the role of the Minister of the Walloon Government to interfere in the ongoing negotiations between the unions and Ryanair. Nor does it have the power to impose on a private company like Ryanair measures relating to personnel management and remuneration policy”.

motion pure and simple

She adds: “The airport has indicated that the company is open to the establishment of federal mediation. This request was relayed by the Federal Minister of Employment on June 16, that is to say almost a month ago. Real lasting solutions want to be found in the leadership of both parties, and it is for this reason that we will settle for an outright motion”.

A pure and simple motion is intended to continue the debate without further political impact. It indicates that the interpellation and the explanation of the minister concerned or of the government have been heard. That of Christine Mauel was approved by 51 members of Parliament. The elected representatives of the PTB rejected it. The Engaged abstained.

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