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iRobot Roomba j7+, test and review: a really smart vacuum cleaner that learns

When artificial intelligence meets household chores, it can result in devices that make our lives easier. This is particularly the case with robot vacuum cleaners which allow you to no longer waste time and to be freed from this tedious task. But the device must still be efficient, autonomous and incorporate good artificial intelligence (a term often overused). In this sector, a brand stands out with a product that claims to be “the smartest”: the Roomba j7+ from the manufacturer iRobot.

A robot vacuum cleaner that we received for testing and which therefore cleaned our apartment for several weeks. We received the device in test for a few weeks. Important precision in our test and our opinion, it was the first device of its kind that we discover in a real situation.


First important and interesting point for us, the installation of the Roomba j7+ and its station is done quite quickly. The explanations are clear and it will only take a few minutes to start the device.

Note that the robot is still its size. It is not very big but not the most compact either, unlike its base (the Clean Base) which is a good surprise. It fits perfectly under a piece of furniture or in a corner, which is notable for what serves as a charging station as well as a trash can to recover, via suction, dust and other things collected by the Roomba j7+ in a bag proprietary vacuum cleaner. Everything will therefore not take up much space in your house (or apartment), at least not more than a “traditional” vacuum cleaner.


App’ and aspiration

Inseparable from the proper functioning of the vacuum cleaner, the Roomba j7+ works through the iRobot mobile application. This allows you to manage the launch of the device (also possible via a physical button placed on it) but above all to view the cartography of the robot’s cleaning area. On this point, we see that the artificial intelligence of iRobot stands out since each passage allows the Roomba to refine this map, to make it more complete so that the vacuum cleaner avoids obstacles.


On this criterion, we have some feedback to give about our experience. First of all, the first mapping will not have been the most effective, even though the apartment is not the biggest. In his defense, the configuration of this one is not the easiest. But this is where we see the real intelligence of the device: as the cleaning progressed, the map became more and more precise to the point of being quite precise today. Regarding obstacle detection, the Roomba j7+ is quite effective in avoiding anything lying around on the ground (charger cable or, depending on the brand, animal waste) but will tend to knock against furniture a little too often at our taste. What’s more, it should be noted that it will never cover your entire area and therefore certain areas will never be vacuumed.


For the rest, there is not much to say. The Roomba j7+ is a good vacuum that will do the job perfectly. It should be noted all the same that when it returns to the base and the suction starts (option that it is possible to deactivate but which removes this autonomous side), these few seconds are quite noisy. The robot, once running, is also not the quietest.



The American manufacturer iRobot, recently acquired by Amazon, will therefore have pleasantly surprised us with its autonomy and its evolving intelligence. With its remote controllable application, it offers great freedom to start cleaning when you are away in order to save a little time. But all these features and technologies come at a price: 999 euros with the Clean Base, 749 euros without. A substantial budget to which must be added the price of the proprietary bags when they need to be changed (19.99 euros for three). For those who have the means and the usefulness/need, the iRobot Roomba j7+ is therefore a safe bet. For others, it is possible to find much cheaper but less complete and, above all, less intelligent.