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iPhone: Apple will integrate an “ecological” charging function – Belgium iPhone

“Clean energy charging” aims to charge the iPhone when the network uses green energy sources.

For many years now, Apple has been promoting its green policy and its many steps to reduce its carbon footprint. His latest idea is rather surprising: to integrate into iOS 16, later this year, an algorithm that would be able to recharge the iPhone with clean energy. Does that appeal to you? Here’s how it would work.

“Clean Energy Charging aims to reduce the carbon footprint of iPhone by optimizing charge times when the grid uses cleaner energy sources”, says Apple at the bottom of its press release on the release of iOS 16. In this new version of the OS, there is a process in the background that collects data on carbon emissions from the local balancing authority charges depending on the location. After downloading a carbon emissions forecast, iOS charges the iPhone when the power is greenest.

For now, Apple says the feature will be available later this year for US customers. If the Apple has the necessary authorizations in Europe, it is likely that it will land here afterwards.

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