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Iphone: A foldable screen is possible, but Samsung is tasked with figuring out how

Apple wants a foldable screen for possible next Ipad and IPhone. Nevertheless, the Apple brand intends to do more than what is observed in the competition. It relies on its historical suppliers of screens, of which Samsung display, to design a foldable screen without creases. The American brand would like not to have creases or creases on its possible folding devices. According to several sources including AppleInsider, Apple would have asked Samsung in particular to develop a “hybrid” folding Oled panel which would make it possible not to have creases or creases. To solve this problem, thin film encapsulation technique could be used.

Samsung conducts work on a glass substrate

It consists of using glass and plastic at the same time, to have a folding Oled. According to details from AppleInsider, this manufacturing method would involve the use of lasers whose heat could deform the plastic layers. This way of doing things could cause creases. Also in response to Apple’s request, Samsung is conducting work on an ultra-thin glass substrate that could be used in a hybrid OLED panel. The material would be 2mm thick, instead of the regular 5mm, which would make bending easier. Also, display technology may not reach Apple’s supply chain for a few years.

As a reminder, this information comes several days after Apple’s keynote, during which the Apple brand unveiled features of the new IPhone 14, including satellite communication. For this new feature, SpaceX boss Elon Musk has shown interest. Discussions between the latter and the apple brand are ongoing on this subject. It was indeed the richest man in the world who revealed the information, following a Twitter user who had expressed his desire to see SpaceX work with Apple to improve satellite communication on the new IPhone 14 . “We had promising conversations with Apple about Starlink connectivity”replied Elon Musk, before adding: “The iPhone team is obviously super smart”.