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iOS 16 revives a handy feature – Belgium iPhone

Finally ! 5 years after disappearing, the battery percentage display is making a comeback on iOS.

This is one of the most requested features by users in recent years. As of last night, users on iOS 16 beta 5 can view the battery percentage again.

Until now, it was necessary to be satisfied with a visual indicator of the gauge. The latter being rather imprecise. To know the exact percentage of the battery, you have to go to the control center.

How to activate this option?

To activate this new option, simply go to the Battery settings of iOS 16. Once in this menu, simply check or deactivate the display of the percentage of the battery.

Let’s not get too excited too soon, as this feature might be limited to certain iPhone models. It seems that the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini cannot take advantage of this novelty. Some iPhone XR and iPhone 11 users also do not have access to this battery percentage display.

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