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iOS 16: how to recall an email sent too quickly?

The iOS update introduces a new option in the iPhone messaging client allowing, for a few seconds, to cancel the sending of an e-mail sent too quickly.

Apple took advantage of the iOS 16 update to introduce several new features in Mail. The native message client of the iPhone inherits a feature until now offered only by the competition: the ability to recall a message sent too quickly.

By default, iOS 16 gives you ten seconds to unsend a message after hitting the send button. If this delay seems a bit short, you can increase it very easily. You will thus have up to thirty seconds of respite to backtrack if you realize a horrible spelling mistake, or if you have forgotten the attachment, for example.

1. Cancel sending a message

When you send an email from your iPhone, iOS 16 now allows you to recall the message for about ten seconds. To do this, after pressing the button for sending the message, press the button Cancel send displayed at the bottom of the iPhone screen.


Your post should then reopen in edit mode so you can make your corrections.

2. Increase Undo Duration

If the ten-second time limit natively provided by Apple seems insufficient to recall a message, it is quite possible to increase the duration. To do this, open the Settings from iOS, enter the menu Emailthen at the very bottom of the screen, navigate to the option Shipment Cancellation Deadline.

iOS 16 Unsend email

You can then configure a new delay of 20 or 30 seconds. You will thus ensure a significant additional security which will undoubtedly avoid you many panics.