iOS 16 Battery Percentage Not Working on These iPhones

iOSLast night iOS 16 was finally officially released for all of us and among the many innovations leading to compatible iPhones there is also the ability to view the remaining battery percentage, but not for all Apple smartphones. The feature is a welcome return after being removed by Apple with the launch of the iPhone X, and represents another step forward in interface customization enabled by iOS 160 To set it up, after updating to iOS 16, you just need to follow these steps.

Go to Settings (by clicking on the gear icon which is on your main screen)
Select battery
Enable the switch next to Battery percentage
iOS 16 beta 5 battery percentage
Obviously Apple has to do things at Apple and this also applies to a marginal aspect like the battery percentage.

First, the feature was implemented “imperfectly”, or at least not the way users would have liked, with the battery icon, regardless of remaining charge, appearing “always full” (except when the charge level drops below 20%. Also, and this is much more frustrating for some users, battery percentage is available for iPhone X and later, but for some reason if you own these iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini models; you can’t fix it. However, the reasons for this choice are not really known. It’s certainly not due to the screen size or the notch, as the iPhone XR and 11 have a larger screen than the iPhone X and XS, which support the new feature. In short, some of Apple’s choices are unfathomable and we can’t help but recognize them. Of course the iPhone 11 seems to be one of the most unfortunate devices in apple’s recent history, after not receiving Face ID unlock with mask it is now also excluded from this update which, although marginal, is certainly appreciated by many users.