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iOS 16: Are you still experiencing battery life issues with your iPhone?

It has now been two weeks since iOS 16 has been available and it is clear that users continue to complain of drastic reductions in the autonomy of their iPhone. Even though it’s common for batteries to take a beating after a software update, users seem to be particularly impacted, not to mention the many bugs

iOS 16: power-hungry and full of bugs?

As a reminder, with each major change to iOS, the system performs many tasks in the background such as reindexing files, photos, applications, etc. Certain functions -like the haptic feedback of the virtual keyboard- are also responsible for a rapid discharge. These procedures tend to use lot of energy but this should subside over time.

An unsuccessful update?

Indeed, Apple has offered an update to improve the situation, but many users continue to see the autonomy of their iPhone melt like ice in the middle of a heat wave… It doesn’t take much more for some to cry conspiracy, accusing Cupertino of wanting to boost its sales of iPhone 14 (which would hold iOS 16 better).

On Reddit, TikTok or many discussion forums, testimonials abound, advancing drops of 20/30%. For others, the autonomy goes from 11 to 12 hours to only 7 hours. Here we asked you at the beginning of the week if you had noticed a drop in the autonomy of your iPhone. For a majority of you, this is indeed the case (55%).

What about with the latest update, iOS 16.0.2. released this week?