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#Investigation – Methods used by alcohol makers to make us drink: AB InBev (1/2)

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For three months, we tried to interview the people responsible for the number 1 beer. AB Inbev only agreed to answer our questions in writing. ” The Jupiler Ambassador program was primarily focused on supporting student clubs in exchange for brand exposure. The program is no longer part of our Jupiler brand activities and the last trip was in 2018 […] We don’t see the point of an interview. Today, such a program […] would no longer pass the ethical verification which is carried out on the basis of our internal code of responsible commercial communication”, says Laure Stuyck, spokesperson for the group.

Does this mean that this loyalty program was “ethical” at the time? Not sure. “This loyalty action was very touching. very limited, confides a former sales representative of the group. That’s why we never advertised it publicly“.

For Belgian students, Ab Inbev holidays are now history. There remains the Jupiler, which still flows afloat within the circles.

“Alcohol: all shots are allowed”, it is this Wednesday January 25, at 8.20 p.m., on the front page.