Instagram will “convert” almost all videos posted to Reel

SocialInstagram is increasingly determined to invest more in Reel. After encouraging users to do more with simpler models and after introducing the “Dual” mode – which allows recording using both the front and rear cameras – the developers are preparing another new feature: all videos published will be “converted” to Reel . Before diving into the news, it might be worth checking out our guides on how to permanently delete Instagram account and how to create a second account on Instagram, quickly. In practice, if a user posts a video of less than 15 minutes, this content will be published in Reel. However, it seems that to finish among the “recommended” you will have to make content that is less than 90 seconds long. In fact, in this way, the content would appear among the suggestions for other users, who in turn could use it to make a Reels Remix (ie the function that allows users to combine videos with those of others). In addition, Photo Remixes should be implemented soon. In short, it seems that Instagram is definitely pushing Reel and Remixes of content. In this respect, however, it should be noted that each user can deactivate the possibility of making a Remix with his own content.

Time of change, therefore, for Instagram – increasingly in competition with TikTok – and more generally for Meta. In this sense, for example, the changes that will be introduced on Facebook and that will affect the “Home” section , which will display the contents suggested by the algorithm, and the introduction of the new “Feeds” tab , which will allow you to view the messages from your friends in chronological order.