Instagram is testing new tools to gain more control over its News Feed – Newsmonkey

Meta is currently testing new features to allow users to have more control over the content of their Instagram feed.

If you regularly consult the “Explore” section of Instagram, you are probably regularly confronted with content that you have absolutely no interest in. Meta is therefore testing features to better control the content of this section of the application.


A customizable “Explore” tab

Meta’s desire is therefore to personalize its “Explorer” tab. Users will thus be able, in a way, to decide what content they will discover there. How ? In fact Instagram will offer a new button to allow you to display your disinterest in a photo or video. Clicking on this “Not interested” button will suffice for Instagram to refrain from offering similar content in the future.

Whether you see something irrelevant or have moved on, you can use this feature to stop seeing content that doesn’t interest you.


This button completes another feature that allows you to indicate keywords or hashtags that you do not want to see on your feed. Thanks to all this, Instagram hopes to refine its algorithm so that each user finds happiness by scrolling through their news feed.