You are currently viewing Infanta Sofia very smiling for her last school year in college

Infanta Sofia very smiling for her last school year in college

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This Friday, September 9, King Felipe VI took his second daughter to school. The Infanta Sofia was very smiling at the time of her last school year in college.

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Last return to college for the Infanta Sofia

The Infanta Sofia only has a few months left to decide on the rest of her school career. This Friday, September 9, she returned to Santa María de los Rosales college. Her father, King Felipe VI, took her by car this morning. The Infanta Sofia lowered her window to greet the journalists and photographers who had settled in front of the school. King Felipe drove his Audi himself.

Infanta Sofia arrived very smiling this Friday, September 9 for her first day back to college (Photo: GTres/ABACAPRESS.COM)

The 15-year-old begins her final year at college (known by the acronym ESO). In Spain, education is compulsory until the age of 16. Further studies are optional. The high school, called bachilleratoconsists of two additional years.

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Infanta Sofia makes a very smiling return to school

Sofia’s older sister, Princess Leonor, was also educated at Santa María de los Rosales school in Madrid before moving to Wales for her final two years. She is finishing her studies at UW Atlantic College where she hopes to obtain her international baccalaureate. According to information from El País, she will then embark on military training.

King Felipe drove his daughter to school himself on September 9, 2022 (Photo: Thorton/PPE/ddp Images/ABACAPRESS.COM)

The Infanta Leonor could follow the same path as her sister. The Welsh boarding school at UWC Atlantic College is on the rise. Leonor is currently studying at this school, together with Princess Alexia of the Netherlands. Alexia’s first cousin, Countess Leonore, also returned to this school this year. School already attended by Crown Princess Elisabeth of Belgium until 2020 and by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in the 1980s.

The Santa María de los Rosales school was founded in 1952 and its objective is to “provide a solid education that prepares intellectually and ethically to practice a useful profession for the individual and society”can we read on the college’s website.

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