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‘In shock they denied’: How Meghan Markle alienated the Beckhams for good

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Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors

is out and Tom Bower’s book hits hard. Soft shots, clashes, excessive ambition … the biography paints an unfriendly portrait of the Duchess of Sussex, obviously ready to do anything to reach the heights. An anecdote would say a lot about the behavior of the actress.

We know: Meghan Markle had invited only one member of her family for her wedding in Windsor in 2018, but the celebrities were in full view. Oprah Winfrey, the Clooneys… the union had an unprecedented Hollywood dimension. David and Victoria Beckham, close to Harry, William and the British royal family in general, were there. But their friendship with the Sussexes fizzled out.

Tom Bower says that Meghan and Harry were quickly obsessed with the media coverage about them. A bit paranoid, they think that those around them are leaking juicy information to the press. The American has Victoria Beckham in her sights for a while and suspects her of being “indiscreet”. Harry finally decides to call the former footballer to find out for sure. “In shock, the Beckhams denied it and it impacted their relationship”, we read in the book. The phone call would have greatly disappointed the couple who will eventually distance themselves.