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In Luxembourg: “Heating should not become a luxury that depends on the salary”

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In Luxembourg“Heating should not become a luxury that depends on the salary”

LUXEMBOURG – The Prime Minister and the Minister for Energy took stock of the energy crisis. But for concrete measures, we will have to wait a little longer.

As we know, energy prices are exploding and a gas shortage threatens, since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine and the European Union responded by taking sanctions against Moscow, a major gas supplier. In Luxembourg, the government is dealing with the problem and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Energy Minister Claude Turmes split from a press conference this Friday, after a Council of Government during which ministers have worked on the subject.

For the concrete, however, we will have to wait. The plan for save 15% gas this winter will be presented next Thursday, said Claude Turmes several times. The State and the municipalities will set an example, said the minister. “The economy will have to follow. The UEL, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Trades, the Fedil… Everyone agrees to respond adequately”. However, if this voluntary 15% reduction in consumption is not enough, or if the gas shortage worsens, “binding measures will have to be taken”, and this, at European level. The Head of Government and the Minister for Energy have moreover insisted on several occasions on the importance of a European solution to the crisis.

Three days of tripartite

Moreover, it is European solutions that have made it possible to refill a large part of the gas reserves, which will have to be pooled this winter in the event of a glitch. In addition, “with a common gas purchase platform, “Putin’s blackmail will no longer hold, because we will have enough gas”, indicated the environmental minister. And the prices will start to drop. A meeting of European energy ministers is scheduled for next Friday to move forward on these issues.

In the meantime, your gas bill risk of exploding. The government will work on “effective and rapid aid” to deal with it, promised the Prime Minister. “We cannot afford that heating is a luxury that depends on your salary”. But here again, for the concrete, we will have to wait a little, since these measures “for people up to the middle class, to maintain employment” will be discussed between the social partners during the tripartite scheduled for September 17 to 19. . Government, employers and unions will then have to agree on how to help you pay your bills this winter.