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In Luxembourg City: Residents refuse to be expropriated on the passage of the tram

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In Luxembourg CityResidents refuse to be expropriated on the passage of the tram

LUXEMBOURG – A potential setback could affect the tram site, near rue des Scillas, in Howald. There is a 300 meter section on which two owners refuse to be expropriated.

Vincent Lescaut/The essential

The Ribboninauguration of the tram line to Bonnevoie barely cut, the diggers resume service this Monday at boulevard de Kockelscheuer. In the line of sight, the extension of the line towards the south, with an arrival at the Cloche d’Or scheduled “in the fourth quarter of 2023, a timing which will be respected for sure”, confirms the Minister of Mobility, François Bausch .

And the Minister of Déi Gréng to support his assertion, despite… a potential setback on the side of the rue des Scillas, in Howald, where the Ponts & Chaussées “will work to create access to the bridge” overhanging the A6 motorway. “Indeed, nuance François Bausch, there is a section of 300 meters on which two owners are reluctant to be expropriated. But the talks are ongoing, and I remain confident that I can quickly unblock the situation”. Because, continues the Minister of Mobility, “they have every interest in collaborating, since the passage of the tram represents a plus for their own projects”.

“It will not change anything in terms of the opening time”

It is “only a simple question of influence”, says François Bausch, namely the fact for the Administration to dispossess an individual of a property, for his benefit or for the benefit of a third party. “Simple” question, of course, but which could well slip a grain of sand into the hitherto perfectly oiled machine of Luxtram. “In the event of a blockage, the line would then operate temporarily on a single track”, admits the politician, which “would increase the frequency of passage of the trains by 3 to 5 minutes during peak hours”. And François Bausch, always so confident, to recognize “a little loss of productivity at the beginning”, but to ensure that “it will change absolutely nothing as regards the opening time”.

In the meantime, the site begins “this week, from the Lycée Vauban to the Cloche d’Or”, where the land has already been cleared, said the minister. Works which will involve the closure of the intersection of boulevard de Kockelscheuer with rue Émile Bian and rue Isaac Newton, from this Monday until November 6. As a result, bus lines 5, 20, 22, 24 and 27 will be diverted from their usual route, but without stopping stops.