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In Engis, Coralie offers medico-aesthetic care in her institute

A nurse since she was 20, Coralie Gathon worked in oncohematology for 10 years before embarking on home care 15 years ago.

For several years, she wanted to reorient herself due to health problems. “As home nurses, we are faced with illness, death… It’s not always happy. The workload is substantial, physical, stressful…”, recognizes the Engissoise. “Nevertheless, I love my job! I wanted to stay in personal care but had not yet found the activity that fully suited me. »

While vaccinating patients against Covid-19 in Bierset, she discovered that several of her colleagues worked in aesthetics. “I had never thought of that before. I had a click: I was going to orient myself towards medico-aesthetic care. »

After having followed several training courses, the Engissoise decides to start her complementary activity in April 2022. She sets up a cozy and warm space within her home, rue Aux Houx, nº94 in Clermont-sous-Huy.

Its institute “Ô Soie de Soie” offers various treatments: permanent laser hair removal, mesojet facial lifting treatment, treatment to alleviate cellulite problems and sagging skin with radiofrequency, anti-aging effect and lifting thanks to microneedling… to complete training in maderotherapy,” adds Coralie. “I loved this massage technique that comes from Colombia. With the help of wooden instruments, we treat cellulite, reshape the body, act against circulatory, lymphatic, muscular problems, osteoarthritis…”

In continuous training

Motivated, the Engissoise plans to continue training to provide more care to its customers. “Afterwards, I would like to offer reiki, anti-migraine massages, lymphatic drainage…”, she lists.

Coralie, who aims to devote herself fully to her institute, is fulfilled in her new activity. “Even if I remain a nurse, the approach is completely different in my institute. Clients come to see me because they want to. We are more in the smile. “, she says. “My goal is to offer them a moment of relaxation, comfort, serenity… This lightness does me a lot of good, I feel as relaxed as my clients!” It’s a nice shift. »

More info on the “Ô Soie Care” Facebook page, the “” website or via [email protected]