You are currently viewing in a corset on the red carpet, she reveals her breathtaking curves

in a corset on the red carpet, she reveals her breathtaking curves

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Virginie Efira appeared in a sexy and elegant look on the red carpet of the Toronto festival on September 16, 2022. She is simply breathtaking.

Virginie Efira made a remarkable appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 16, 2022. After a stint at the Venice Film Festival, Virginie Efira ignites the red carpet of another festival, that of Toronto. She attended the premiere of the film Revoir Paris, or “Paris Memories”, in which she plays the main role, Mia, victim of an attack in a brasserie who is trying to find happiness. The 45-year-old actress was sublime to present this film. Indeed, unlike the Venice Film Festival where she had bet on a pretty short dress, she opted for a very chic blazer and trouser set. Black suits her perfectly and brings out her golden blonde. This set is resolutely sexy because it reveals a superb black and transparent lingerie corset. A detail that gives this look all its charm.

The Franco-Belgian actress captivated the public and her fans daring the corset on a red carpet and by adopting one of the great fashion trends of the moment: incorporating exposed lingerie into daytime and evening looks. We are fans.

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How to adopt the lingerie trend in everyday looks?

Like the sublime Virginie Efira, do you want to adopt the exposed lingerie look? It’s pretty simple if you take care not to fall into too much. Indeed, the sexy side of this trend is great, but you have to be careful not to reveal too much, especially if your look is made to go to work or to spend a day outside. How to do ? Like Virginie Efira, bet on a sexy piece like the corset and shift it with a masculine piece like the oversized blazer and pants set. It is this shift that allows your outfit to be elegant, because you suggest the sexy side without showing too much. The corset can also be worn over a large blazer jacket, with jeans and sneakers: the streetwear side will stand out with the chic and sexy effect of the oversized blazer/corset combo. It’s ideal if you want to wear visible lingerie during the day!

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