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“I’m approaching the moment”: the overwhelming confidences of Line Renaud

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After the screening of the film “Une Belle Course” at the Angoulême Film Festival where she shares the bill with Dany Boon, Line Renaud moved the assembly as reported by Le Parisien. It must be said that the film evokes death without taboo. “Madeleine, 92, calls a taxi to reach the retirement home where she must now live”, can we read in the official synopsis of the feature film, Une Belle Course, in theaters on September 21. “She asks Charles, a somewhat disillusioned driver, to go through the places that have counted in his life, to see them one last time. Little by little, at the bend of the streets of Paris, an extraordinary past emerges that upsets Charles. There are taxi rides that can change a life…”

After the screening this Tuesday, August 23, Line Renaud was in tears. “I cried all the time. But I wouldn’t want to make you cry. I love you!”, She launched to the public, microphone in hand, as reported by Le Parisien. The famous former magazine leader, now 94 years old and a member of the association for the Right to Die with Dignity, then spoke of her end of life. “I am approaching the moment, I have to think about it.“” No!”, answer to the go the people present in the room. “But I had a good life, an extraordinary life. And that cannot be forgotten. Even when I’m gone…” Poignant, touching and moving words.

Last Sunday, in the JDD, an open letter calling for legalizing active assistance in dying had even been published by the one who received the Legion of Honor.“Why do you want to stay until the end when you know that you are condemned in the short term and that your physical and psychological suffering will, despite medical progress and the dedication of caregivers, be refractory to any therapeutic treatment?”can we read in this forum from Line Renaud. Why endure cruel agony when death can deliver you from a life that is no more than painful survival without hope of recovery?