You are currently viewing ‘If we’ve moved on, why can’t you?’: Hailey Bieber responds to accusations of cheating

‘If we’ve moved on, why can’t you?’: Hailey Bieber responds to accusations of cheating

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justin bieber and his wife Hailey had a difficult start to their relationship, in particular because of the singer’s previous love affair with Selena Gomez. The interpreter of “Baby” was notably accused of having cheated on his ex with his current girlfriend. And for years, the main concerned have decided to play the card of silence. Whereas Selena Gomez will soon release a documentary that traces all aspects of his private life, Hailey bieber decided to precede her by speaking for the first time on the subject.

To do this, Alec Baldwin’s niece used the most intimate communication channel, the “podcast”. It was at the microphone of host Alex Cooper that she leave alone go to some confidences. At the question :Your husband [Justin Bieber] was in a very public relationship [avec Selena Gomez]. People were obsessed with them both. Have you ever been in a relationship with Justin, at the same time as her?” She didn’t hesitate for a second “No, never.

It’s not my style to ruin someone’s relationship

Then she completed:When we started dating, he was never in a relationship with anyone. Never“. For Haileythat would have been unthinkable.It’s not my style to ruin someone’s relationship – I would never do that. I was brought up well. I’m not interested in that kind of stuff and never have been.“However, the supermodel Explain understand where the rumors are coming from.I understand what it might look like from the outside“, she admits.

Hailey bieber has nothing against the idea of ​​having been a bandage for her husband. She confessed to being delighted that she was able to be “the best thing about him [à Justin Bieber] arrived for him to turn the pageof his relationship with Selena Gomez:I know it was the right thing for them to close that door. They weren’t a couple at the time, of course, but there was a long story behind it all. It wasn’t my relationship, it had nothing to do with me and I respect that.The fans will therefore have had their answer. It remains to know the opinion of Selena Gomez.

If the former ballerina feels right in her boots, fans of the mythical couple Selena Gomez / Justin Bieber are oppressive with her. “I don’t want to stir or conjure up anything. Fans wish he ended up with someone else and that’s fine. You can want it all you want, but it just isn’t.“She even invites people who are spreading hate to think about it:”If we’ve moved on, why not you?

The message is clear.