You are currently viewing ‘I was surprised he smashed his guitar’: DH took two readers to Muse’s private concert in Amsterdam

‘I was surprised he smashed his guitar’: DH took two readers to Muse’s private concert in Amsterdam

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Big winner of the DH puzzle contest to attend the Muse concert this Sunday at the Théâtre Carré (hotel and travel included), Arnaud had invited his little brother for this great event. Beyond the concert, the brothers from Brussels were celebrating a first: a private showcase of the British rock band together. “I’ve always been a fan.“, Arnaud, 32, confides to us, just before the energetic performance of the band to Matthew Bellamy for their Will Of the People Theater Tour. “The turning point came when I returned from my second year in the United States. I was 19 and the song ‘Time is running out’ (“Time is running out”, in French in the text) was a shock. I was 19.” And his 25-year-old brother, Louis, nods. “Me, it’s since the beginning of the 2000s”explains the one who saw Muse live for the first time. “This passion also comes from my brother, it grew with him.”

The two brothers were particularly impressed by the place. A theater, with royal decoration, for an acoustic that moves (especially on the thunderous “Psycho”, played here live with an intro of a title from Rage Against The Machine).

Muse in a theater and seated, it may seem strange but the public was on their feet after only three songs. “He was even delirious!”, launch Arnaud and Louis who already felt during the beginnings that the atmosphere resembled a concert finale. Or when the Muse magic works, between pogos in the pit, improvised piano notes or illuminated guitar solos and the VIPs almost standing on their seats.

In short, fans in heaven after an hour and a half of concert (from Hysteria to Starlight via “Supermassive Black Hole” or “Compliance”) without false note for the band in Bellamy. “I was surprised that he threw his guitar on the ground and broke it on the ground”, concludes Arnaud, fan of the finale on “Knights Of Cydonia” on harmonica (tribute to Ennio Morricone). “A crazy show, a crazy evening and a trip to the top! Frankly, they know how to set the mood despite the small room. Thanks to La DH for this contest at the top of home !”

The two brothers were also able to enjoy the nightlife and the day after in Amsterdam.