You are currently viewing “I was starting to get lost…”: Frédérick confides in the after Married at first sight and takes a radical decision

“I was starting to get lost…”: Frédérick confides in the after Married at first sight and takes a radical decision

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Several months after participating in Married at first sightFrédérick reconsidered a difficult decision he had to make and gave some explanations.

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Media coverage, whether sudden or unexpected, can sometimes be suffocating. It is during the sixth season of Married at first sight, broadcast last spring on M6, that the general public had become acquainted with Frédérick. Rather discreet on social networks in recent weeks, the young man came out of his silence this Thursday, September 8 by posting a video on Instagram. “It feels good to disconnect, because honestly, I was starting to get lost a bit and I had to find myself”, told the real estate agent, smiling. And to add: “I’m coming back strong. It’s better, that’s why I’m coming back. Otherwise I wouldn’t come back.”

Out of sight, but not out of mind

If he does not regret having withdrawn from social networks, Frédérick has not shunned his pleasure to make his return … and especially to find his subscribers. For the occasion, he wanted to address them a few words. “I thank you in any case for your benevolence and for your concerns. People who came to see me saying ‘yes, we don’t see you anymore, I hope everything is fine, I still took the time to answer to reassure you’he said in the famous video, not without a hint of emotion.

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A happy man… and in love

If the specialists of the romance program of M6, Estelle Dossin and Pascal De Sutter, had estimated at 80% the compatibility of the couple formed by Frédérick and Émilie, their union had not held. Fortunately for him, on July 18, it was with undisguised happiness that the former candidate of Married at first sight had announced great news to its subscribers: that of having found love in the arms of Vanessa. “As many of you wish me to find the woman who would follow me in my delirium, here I present her to you”, he had confided to the angels. And to see the many likes under the famous publication, the young woman had not only conquered Frédérick that day. There is no doubt that after his long absence, Frédérick’s subscribers are impatiently waiting to hear from him regularly again… and from Vanessa.

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