You are currently viewing “I was on honeymoon and he was in the cemetery”: the two Belgian directors of the canceled film “Batgirl” react after the shock

“I was on honeymoon and he was in the cemetery”: the two Belgian directors of the canceled film “Batgirl” react after the shock

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In July, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were in shock. Indeed, Warner Bros has made the decision to cancel the movie “Batgirl”. A decision by the studio which had dismayed Hollywood because several big names had admitted that it was unprecedented for a work almost finished and having cost so much money.

On Instagram, the two Belgian directors of the film have already reacted via a message on Instagram. On this same social network, this time they explained the circumstances of the announcement of this withdrawal. “We want to talk about the day we found out the movie Batgirl was cancelled”, he begins. The two friends were in their home country. The first was traveling there for a special day. “I was in Morocco to celebrate my wedding. It was a beautiful day. Then I was on my honeymoon when I received the news. I thank my superhero wife for being there to support me in these difficult moments”, explains Adil. The second is reunited with his family. “I was in Tetouan, because I was visiting my grandparents”, he explains. “I was having a super emotional time at the cemetery. When I left, I took my phone. I was getting a lot of messages. Then I got a call: ‘It’s over for Batgirl'”

For Adir, it’s a shock. “They were trying to kill the movie. When I heard that I was in shock, because I didn’t even realize it was a possibility.” Quickly, he tries to save his film. “I immediately called our editor Martin Walsh, and I said to him: “Quickly save the movie, make a copy.” The two directors are called. “Quickly save the movie, make a copy”asks Adil in particular to Bilall. “But I went to the server, and everything was blocked.”

Afterwards, the two men recognize that it was a bad reaction. “I panicked. I reacted emotionally. Piracy is wrong. But I didn’t know what to do. Seeing that the film was gone, and we couldn’t access the footage anymore. or see them again… It was quite hard”, explains Adil. It is all the more frustrating that their film was not finished, far from it. “We had finished filming, but there was still a lot of post-production left, including special effects. We still had to shoot a few scenes, modify a few things. There was still a lot of work to do”add the two friends.

Bilall also thinks of all the people present on the project. “It was painful, moving and shocking. Especially for our actors and our team. We were a family, it was intense”he assures.

After the announcement of this decision, they received a lot of positive messages. “We are very happy with the support”had notably explained Adil for TF1. “We keep our heads up because we got a lot of support on the internet, from a lot of directors too… [Edgar Wright, James Gunn, NDLR] It hurts, it will stay. We hope that one day the film will be able to be released”added Bilall Fallah.

Fortunately, the two men still have plenty of other projects. Including their new feature film “Rebel”. “We gave it our all for this movie. We’re so happy and grateful that people can see it. Maybe by watching Rebel you can imagine what Batgirl would have looked like”they concluded.