You are currently viewing “I want to leave the castle”: Léa (Star Academy) breaks down and bursts into tears before her evaluations

“I want to leave the castle”: Léa (Star Academy) breaks down and bursts into tears before her evaluations

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There is panic in the castle. This Tuesday, October 18, the first evaluations of the star Academy. After singing on October 15, the students began their lessons in the establishment of Dammarie-les-Lys. Stage expression classes, dance classes… no respite for the students who will spend the next six weeks at the stake and some have already stood out. Léa was cropped by Laure Balon… and Yanis Marshall. Paola was the first to open the ball for assessments and if everything went well for the youngster, her passage only panicked the other students like Léa, who started to crack.

Léa in total panic in the castle

I can’t see myself dancing in front of them. There, I really feel like telling them that I want to leave the castle (…) I feel like I don’t know my choreolaunched Léa to her comrade Tiana. “Even singing and everything, I can’t, it worries me. I can’t, I can’t”confided the optician, while the other comrades tried to reassure her. I don’t want to cry, it disgusts me all this. No no, it’s not me at all. I’m in rage. I did not expect that. However, I knew it was death, I feel like nothing”dropped Léa, hiding her face so that the cameras do not film her tears.

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“You’re a big f**k inside”

A few minutes later, it was Louis’s turn to pass and his performance upset Léa (and added stress on the way). “You touched me to a point of phew, kind that I never touch. You see, I refuse. And you, you pressed, pressed, pressed, I couldn’t come anymore. I’m so sorry. It doesn’t have an effect like that on me”confided Léa, before adding: “Like I sing Celine Dion’s song, Fate, which is serious joyful and all. In fact, I think I’m happy all the time and everything, like I have confidence in myself (…) but I don’t know anymore. There, when he sang the song, I said to myself: ‘Léa, you are going to sing Fatebut you’re a big ass on the inside.” When passing in front of the teachers, Léa could not hold back her tears. “I was scared, but Louis he killed me. I regret watching it.” A distress that allowed him to pass later.