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“I took a little rail”: Michel Sardou’s shock response in TPMP

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After knocking out Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Michel Sardou confided in his falling out with Johnny Hallyday, just before his death. “It’s my fault, I was clumsy, he admits in Touche pas à mon poste. I said some bullshit actually, which I didn’t mean badly by the way. But he, on the other hand, took it badly.” Upset by this discord, the one who will soon have a musical in his honor (and who will pass through Belgium), continues. “Yeah, I said some bullshit about his daughters, he replies to Cyril Hanouna. But I didn’t think I was mean at all, at all, at all. Besides, I was surprised that he reacted as dry as that. And one day I meet him, I tell him ‘Listen, we should still talk to each other‘. He says to me ‘Listen, I do not want to talk to you‘. I tell him ‘Well that’s good, you just have to listen to me’. And then after that we didn’t talk to each other.”

When Michel Sardou creates unease on set

His outspokenness then spoke again by answering a simple question (“How are you, Michel?”) from the host of Touche not at my post. And the interpreter of the tube “Les lacs du Connemara” to retort: ​​”I took a little … a little rail!”, He swings while slipping on some candy. A response, although it above all made people laugh, which stunned the columnists, however causing a little discomfort. Matthieu Delormeau, sitting next to Michel Sardou, then grabs his arm, offering him not to say more. Cyril Hanouna, meanwhile, did not hear anything and no one – Michel Sardou, smirk on his face – preferred to repeat the sentence. A joke, of course, but which will have shaken a whole set!