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“I think I’m too old”: Valérie Damidot shelved by TF1, she rants

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At the microphone of Europe 1, the former host of the flagship program D&CO, Valérie Damidot, recounts her frustration at no longer being very present on the air. As usual, she confides frankly: “I offered stuff, but I think I’m too old… They don’t want to see my face”. She continues: “After a while, given the general enthusiasm, I dropped the case. At the moment, she only hosts summer programs like “The most beautiful holidays”. The facilitator would dream of putting on her overalls to marouflage again: “I’m a hands-on girl, a people person girl, so I’d love to do a decorating show again, go back to helping people, have fun.”

This is not the first time that Valérie Damidot has told of her difficulties in being a woman over 50 on television. Last December, still on the airwaves of Europe 1, she said : “I play in a complicated category on television. Because when you have 56 brooms, TV is complicated… I think that television is a job where at some point you are offered different things depending on your age and I think that 56 is an age for girls, which is more complicated, sincerely”.

Is this a call to TF1? The message got through.