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‘I haven’t put any money aside’: Dave says he’s ‘forced to keep working’

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Finished his heavy fall last January, Dave is back on stage after his hospitalization. “A singer who retires does not exist, confided the interpreter of “Vanina” in the magazine “Nous deux”. Overall, there is no retirement for artists. When you do a job passion, it’s very hard to stop. Hugues Aufray, who is almost fifteen years older than me, doesn’t do it, neither does Line Renaud! The best moment is when you’re on stage. After two years without gigs, I’m ready.”

As he had already declared to TéléStar, this confinement was fatal to his wallet. “It is certain that if I accepted Mask Singer, it is because it was in full confinement. When we are confined, there is no concert.”

If going on stage remains a pleasure, Dave also does it for the money and he makes no secret of it. “To tell you the truth, most variety artists did not have pay slips until the 1980s, says the 78-year-old singer in the magazine “We two”. side for retirement. So I have to keep working.” And to conclude, borderline disappointed. “I have a flight attendant friend whose retirement pension is exactly double mine!”