You are currently viewing “I have never seen and I have never tasted a cake like that in 11 years!”: Cyril Lignac amazed by the achievement of a candidate in “Le Meilleur Pâtissier”

“I have never seen and I have never tasted a cake like that in 11 years!”: Cyril Lignac amazed by the achievement of a candidate in “Le Meilleur Pâtissier”

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Ready? Bake! This Monday, the eleventh season of Best Pastry Chef started on RTL-TVI. Sixteen candidates arrived in front of the long white tent installed in the garden of the Château de Neuville in Gambay. These will be decided during a series of tests because, at the end of this episode, only 14 candidates will win their ticket for the rest of the adventure.

Eight candidates initially boarded for Chocoland. Their mission: to make a chocolate cake that represents them. Everyone therefore put their imagination to work to stand out from the first test. While some have managed to come out on top with amazing achievements, others have not really shone. We think in particular of Hervé and his Marseille jersey or Sébastien and his bottle of wine. For her part, Adelina, the Belgian candidate for this season, missed the trompe l’oeil bag she wanted to present to the jury. Fortunately, his dessert did not displease the taste buds of Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. At the end of the event, Vanessa, Cléo, Alicia and Karel qualified for the rest.

Raspberry, passion fruit or strawberries, eight other candidates were challenged to make a fruit cake that represents them during their trip to the Fruit Kingdom. Trompe l’oeil breakfast or golf flag, here too, the amateur pastry chefs let their creativity speak. Sébastien, Nils, Benjamin and Justine board the liner Best Pastry Chef.

Now it’s time for the first creative event of the season. Six boarding passes for the rest of the competition are yet to be issued. To obtain one, the candidates not selected during the previous tests will have to make a dessert around their favorite holidays. Roadtrip, romantic weekend or safari, “Take me to the end of the earth, take me to wonderland“, asks Cyril Lignac, using the words of Charles Aznavour. During the tasting, the candidates took the jury from Rio to Hawaii via Santorini. The stopover in Bora Bora de Najoua, however, stood out. in foreign affairs proposed to Cyril Lignac and Mercotte to explore the seabed thanks to the jelly that surrounded his cake. A very original achievement. “This is the first time I’ve seen a cake like this“, exclaims Cyril Lignac, amazed. “We see the rock, the vegetation, the waves and the cake inside. That’s crazy.” Mercotte adds: “The jelly effect is amazing!“After tasting, the jurors are conquered. “I have never seen and I have never tasted a cake like that in 11 years!”, Launches Cyril Lignac.

Unsurprisingly, Najoua got his boarding pass, like Adelina, Franklin, Manon, Hervé and Sébastien. But while Wiggins and Carine think of leaving the tent after only a week in the tent, Marie Portolano announces to them that they may be able to regain their place in the competition and this by participating in a parallel competition in “the secret kitchen”, great novelty of this season. Surprised by this announcement, the two women clashed face-to-face out of sight in the park of the castle. Duel of the week: reproduce an animal motif. Which of Carine’s owl or Wiggins’ fish will emerge victorious in the head-to-head? To decide between the two candidates, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte were joined by pastry chef Christophe Renou. At the end of this secret test, it is Wiggins who is chosen to stay in the adventure. Next week, the young woman will face the next eliminated in a new challenge. For her part, Carine is definitively eliminated from the competition.