You are currently viewing “I hate my relationship with my father”: in his latest video, youtubeur Carlito confides in his relationship with Guy Carlier

“I hate my relationship with my father”: in his latest video, youtubeur Carlito confides in his relationship with Guy Carlier

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The famous Youtubeur Carlito, of the duo “McFly and Carlito” spoke about his relationship with his father, the columnist Guy Carlier. A complicated relationship, which caused a lot of pain to the content creator during his childhood.

In their latest video, McFly and Carlito, a famous duo of French youtubers, honored the fathers of great content creators who shared many anecdotes about their children.

“Who’s Who’s Dad?”, a concept they’ve done before from a mom’s perspective, allowed us to learn a bit more about the complicated relationship between Carlito and his dad, Guy Carlier, a famous French columnist – first for FranceInter and then for Europe 1.

Carlito, whose real name is Raphaël, gave a poignant account of the complicated relationship he has with his father. “Have you ever loved someoneone who does notnot like himself? VSis a place tres diesagreable. My place was that ofa young boy who grew up with someoneone not at all finished”explains the youtuber.

In question? Fame, but above all the disease that Guy Carlier suffered from when Carlito was younger, and which, according to his testimony, tainted their relationship: “When I was a kid, he weighed 250 kilos. It’s not even conceivable for the human brain. Morbid obesity is terrible, it marked me. I was afraid for him, at all times , his heart, his knees, everything could give in. And besides, his knees ended up giving in. […] I was a little angry with him for not reacting.

When I think about it,adû be horrible for him all that

The yWheretubeur recounts having lunch with his pere for the firsteagain since pres of ten years. Moment when they were able to stalk about their relationship. Guy Carlier acceptedé to participate in the new videoo of “McFly and Carlito”. A touching and funny productionthe, which accumulates nearly 4.5 million of views.

Carlito posted a long, long message on his Twitter account, alongside the video. “There is a gray area. An area wherewhere things are neither terrible nor gnials. […] I dhate this area more than i hate my relationship with my peD. I hate that it took so long to figure it out, I hate that no one helped me earlier to analyze the situation, to put their finger on it. My FRere and my mere relieved me a lot, it’s true, but it seems to me that they were advancing in the same greyness, or even more”he continues.

He was never violent, never got angry. He suffered from extreme bulimia, you know that, and other more intimate ailments that I won’t dwell on. When I think about it,adû be horrible for him all that. His childhood, his successes, his sanity. But that’s his story. My empathy is limited to that level. It’s not lovelessness, it’s protection”

I wish my pebe more present

RaphaelCarlier, soon to be dad for the 3rd time, also underlines the lack of interest of his parent in his role as pere with him: A pere, it’s psychological support, a unique investment, which has nothing to do with money (he had a lot of it) and the star system (the most hypocritical family there is)”.

“So, I accepted the money he gave me as a teenager and then I no longer wanted his tickets, he disgusted me with them. I wanted to mark a break. It was too easy to one part, and too superficial on the other. I write this now without hatred or reproach but with a little pain. […] I wish my pere, who has great qualities, be more present, more sincereere, simpler and above all what I would have loved concrete advice on… life”.

Pere and son have since put things straight: “Now that we’ve talked for hours, I understand, I don’t apologize and I try to focus on the tenderness that is there, like water under the sand”, he concludes.