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“I had hemorrhoids”: the surprising reaction of the last candidate eliminated from “Dancing with the stars”

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After seeing their comrades take their first steps on the Dance with the stars, last week, it was the turn of Carla Lazzari, Léa Elui, Stéphane Legar, Florent Peyre, Clémence Castel and Théo Fernandez to enter the dance floor. This Friday evening, the six candidates were determined to show the result of weeks of rehearsal. And this to a jury composed of François Alu, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Bilal Hassani and Jean-Marc Généreux, former emblematic juror of the show who replaced at short notice Chris Marques, suffering from Covid-19. “I’m Jean-Marc Généreux and happy to be here!“, immediately launches the Quebecer to Camille Combal. It is moreover to his replacement that Chris Marques entrusted the dreaded “red buzz” which, once activated, sends the buzzed duo face-to-face without having the opportunity to make up for it in the second run.”It’s not to order an orange juice“, humorously warns Camille Combal. “You changed everything: the judges, the decor, even the guard at the door. Seriously, you haven’t changed the soul. It’s DALS here!“, then launches Jean-Marc Généreux, enthusiastic.

Beginning of the festivities with the modern jazz of Florent Peyre and his partner, Inès Vandamme. The performance obviously pleased the entire jury. “It was a canonissime departure!“, launches Jean-Marc Généreux. Then place Léa Elui, influencer who has 17 million subscribers on Tik Tok, and her partner Christophe Licata. Together, they presented a samba that did not leave the jurors indifferent. However, they advise the young woman to have more confidence in herself.

The quickstep of Théo Fernandez and Alizée Bois has, for its part, received mixed reviews. “Theo but technically you’re low“, throws Jean-Marc Généreux at him, making a play on words. “We are on a small catamaran all the same.” François Alu adds in turn: “I would really like to see you again but the problem is that your codes are not there.” Seduced by the performance of the couple, Bilal Hassani concludes: “You interpret your story for us and I want to follow it from the first episode to the very last. Now that’s a lot of energy. I need you to align your chakras a little more so that I understand the quickstep a little more. There’s something cool about you!” With only 19 points, the star of the Tuches and his partner find themselves on the hot seat.

“And that, I buy!”

Full card then for Carla Lazzari and her partner Pierre Mauduy. The contemporary of the couple liked it so much that it made Jean-Marc Généreux want to bring out his famous “And that, I buy!” He adds: “Her presence and presence for me is already prime 3, prime 4. She went from bim bam boom to bang bang bang. Cheer!” The jury is unanimous. The duo obtains four golden buzz and finds themselves qualified for the next bonus.

And the floor continues to shine with Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué. Their samba also resulted in four golden buzzers and a ticket to the next bonus. “We have an incredible level of dance“, then launches Camille Combal.

Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal end this first round with a waltz which is “too airy and not earthy enough” according to François Alu. Before highlighting the weak points of the performance, Jean-Marc Généreux wanted to salute the choice of the adventurer of Koh Lanta to dance with a woman to echo his personal life. “Thank you for bringing us to 2022 where we can make choices without having to be stared at by people.“, he said. “It’s a public show. You have done a lot of good for many people.“Marie-Agnès Gillot, for her part, found “courage“by Clemence Castel”very moving“.

And the eliminated candidate is…

Carla Lazzari, Stéphane Legar and Léa Elui qualified for the next bonus. Florent Peyre, Clémence Castel and Théo Fernandez therefore participated in the face-to-face. At the end of the services, Florent Peyre and Ines Vandamme are saved by the public. The judges, meanwhile, decided to qualify Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal. Théo Fernandez and Alizée Bois are therefore eliminated from Dance with the stars. Shortly after the show ended, the eliminated actor spoke on Instagram:I lost a final but I won a hell of an adventure”he writes in Story before adding:Seriously, I’ll give you a 1,500 point story to tell you more about it. But basically, you already know that I had a blast, that Alizée is great, that the whole DALS team is great and that I had hemorrhoids. I don’t leave frustrated or (ron) chon. Thank you all.