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‘I got the door knocked down’: Zazie had to move house twice in a year

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back with THE P, a mini-album composed of four songs, Zazie has been experiencing some misadventures for almost a year. Indeed, his neighbors do not seem to appreciate the music that comes from his apartment. On her mini-album, the singer put this unease into words through the title “let it shine“. She even said that this piece was “moving song“.

During his interview for the show The Best of Alarm Clocks on RFM, Zazie revealed that she had to move twice in a year because of her neighbours. “Yes, then everything is true in what I say! I moved a year ago and moved again less than a month ago. I can’t take it anymore! I’m in Cardboard Land, I even hesitate to undo them all at once! No, but I made a mistake, I forgot that the musician’s problem in a city is the neighbours!“.

I got my door kicked down” reports the singer. Saddened by the situation, she admits that she does not understand the lack of understanding of her neighbors. She explains: “Why so much hatred, you live that when you are a student. There you say to yourself ‘No when even I have a status’, no not at all they don’t give a damn! Even at 6 p.m., checking a key with the right hand on the piano so it’s not thunderous either”. Its notoriety has therefore unfortunately not preserved it from the mood swings of its neighbors.