You are currently viewing “I asked if we could do karaoke”: Ed Sheeran surprises customers of an Antwerp restaurant (video)

“I asked if we could do karaoke”: Ed Sheeran surprises customers of an Antwerp restaurant (video)

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Passing through Belgium for a few days for his world tour, singer Ed Sheeran visited the restaurant The Jane in Antwerp on July 21. Very excited at the idea of ​​receiving the British artist, the restaurant’s chef, Nick Bril, explained to our colleagues from Radio 2 that he would have added an additional table because they were full. The singer was not alone, he came accompanied by Gaggan Anand, a star chef from Bangkok.

Eating in a restaurant, a completely banal act, except when your name is Ed Sheeran and you decide to improvise a karaoke evening with the customers of the restaurant. The chef, Nick Bril, says the singer started singing at his table, which caused a general silence in the restaurant and a round of applause. “People didn’t bother him”, explains the chef. The singer then asked the manager for a guitar. But, impossible for the restaurateur to provide it. He then offered her instead.”DJ booth and microphone“. It was ABBA’s song Dancing Queen that brought the singer and the restaurant customers together. The singer then, of course, performed his own songs. To see the video, everyone was singing and dancing. Atmosphere guarantee.

On his social networks, Ed Sheeran spoke to tell his fans that he had had a great evening. “My friend Gaggan had bought a lot of wine, I really didn’t want to drink that much. We were in the 23rd best restaurant in the world: it was very serene and calm, everyone ate relaxed. When the chef said there was a DJ booth, I asked if we could do karaoke. Eventually, it turned into a kind of rave. You can’t plan things like that.”