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Hurt, Britney Spears publicly responds to her son Jayden following an interview she considers “hateful”

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Britney spears responded to comments from his 15-year-old son, Jayden James, who spoke in an interview recently aired in part on “60 Minutes Australia”, reports CNN.

Jaydenyou criticize my behavior as my whole family has always done with it, ‘I hope that she will be better, I will pray for she’ Pray for what?“, said the superstar, 40, in a voice memo shared via Instagram on Monday.

I keep working so I can pay my mom Lynne’s legal fees and house spears“, has followed Britneywho then suggested that the “hateful” remarks of Jayden were caused by the fear that his financial obligations would end soon.

Jayden will be 16 on September 12, while his older brother, Sean Preston, will be 17 on September 14. Britney shares the two teenagers with her ex-husband Kevin Federlinwho also participated in the interview of “60 Minutes Australia“.

Do you want me to get better so I can keep giving your dad $40,000 a month?has said the singer of “Toxic“, acknowledging his current contributions.Or is the reason you decide to be hateful because it’s over in two years and you won’t get anything?

Jayden told the celebrity interviewer Daphne Barak than he and Preston – who didn’t attend their mother’s June nuptials with Sam Asghari – no longer spend time with their mother, but that they hope to find her in the future when she “will be better mentally.

Britney replied to Jayden via Instagram that she needed “unconditional love and support” from his family, not derogatory comments about his mental state.

It saddens me that not one of you valued me as a person,” she said. “You witnessed how my family treated me and that’s all you know. As I said, I sense that you all secretly like to say that something is wrong with me.

The winner of grammys also detailed her recollection of a conversation she had with Jayden before he and Preston decide to stop visiting her.

I will say it. I sat in that kitchen and looked straight into your eyes, you my beautiful boy, and I said: ‘How is it that i can’t see you guys anymore? Or just see you more often? I look forward to seeing you every week,” she said. You said : “Mom, that’s going to change.

Britney has developed:You and your brother always left me in this house two hours early. Preston was sleeping. You played the piano all the time. And if I didn’t shower you with gifts, if I didn’t cook amazing food, it was never good enough.

The pop icon seemed to blame her father, Jamie spearsfor his relationship current with Jayden and Sean. Jamie, 70, set up the nearly 14-year-old conservatorship that controlled his famous daughter’s life until November 2021.

Honestly, my dad should be in jail for the rest of his life.”said Britneya sentiment she has shared before.

Jayden defended Jamie in the interview of “60 Minutes Australia“, insisting that his grandfather had in mind the best interests of Britney when it established this restrictive legal arrangement.

It should be noted that Jamie was hit with a three-year domestic violence restraining order in 2019 after an alleged incident with Preston, preventing him from having contact with his grandsons. Moreover, when Jayden speaking during an Instagram Live session in March 2020, he called his grandfather “big con****“who” can go die“.

Monday, Britney concluded his message by saying that his family’s inaction to end his conservatorship – and the four-month stay in a mental health facility against his will – halted his belief in a higher power.